GTO C-12
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  • 紧凑型高功率全频线性声源音箱,是GTO整套解决方案的一部分

  • 轻型,单台1吨电动吊机可起重12只GTO C-12音箱和1只GTO DF音箱

  • 高效全频音箱,使用2 x 12寸低音单元,4 x 6.5寸中音单元和2 x 3寸振膜高音单元,其安装在D.P.R.W.G双抛物面反射波导管上,耦合到Outline (欧浪)“V-Power”挡板

  • 极高的输入功率(3200W低音+ 2400W中音+ 1000W高音 AES峰值)和极高的声压级(在1m距离上产生147.5 dB峰值声压级)

  • 配备高精确度、轻型、集成的GTO吊挂系统,以实现准确的定向和声场覆盖

  • “Open Array”3D声学模拟软件的设计文档可供使用

  • GTO系列独立的紧凑型全频音箱

  • 可以单独用作补声音箱或组合音箱用于现场扩声、侧面吊挂或延时系统

  • 非常适合用于影院、体育场馆和演唱项目

  • Compact high-power full range line-source element to form part of the GTO turnkey solution.

  • Light weight; 12 elements with 1 GTO DF from a single 1 ton chain motor.

  • High efficiency full range element incorporating 2 x 12” LF drive-units, 4 x 6.5” MF drive-units and 2 x 3” diaphragm HF drivers on a D.P.R.W.G. waveguide, coupled to an Outline ‘V-Power’ baffle.

  • Very high power handling (3200 LF + 2400 MF + 1000 HF watts AES peak) and sound pressure (147.5 dB SPL peak @ 1 metre – full space).

  • Equipped with the high-precision, lightweight, integrated GTO rigging system to allow accurate aiming and coverage.

  • Design file available within the ‘Open Array’ 3D acoustic simulation software.

  • Designed as a stand-alone compact full range section within the GTO range

  • Can be used individually as fills or combined to create main FOH, side hang or delay systems.

  • Ideal for theatre, arena, festival and stadium productions

Outline (欧浪) GTO C-12是一款紧凑型线性声源音箱,旨在为专业扩声应用提供灵活、强大且几乎无限性可配置的扬声器系统。 为满足客户对多功能扬声器系统的需求而开发,有效地传输和配置,并为各种项目和场馆提供所需的功率、清晰度和控制。

GTO C-12是强大的GTO系统的直接产物,自2011年推出以来,GTO系统一直以其承受功率和精确声场覆盖的优势,博得世界各地的项目承包商和音响工程师的赞赏。 GTO C-12开发了由GTO率先推出的高传感器密度理念,将8个驱动单元安装在极其紧凑的箱体中,并使用2个12寸低频单元,4个6.5寸中频单元和2个3寸喉口压缩驱动器,安装在屡获殊荣的DPRWG波导管上,其波导管在GTO也被采用。

GTO C-12保留了GTO在2002年获国际外观设计专利的V形前挡板中的关键元件,我们称之为“V-Power理念”。 这个突破性的设计有利于高频模块之间卓越的声学耦合,产生平滑且延伸的高频响应。 通过阵列创建了理想的 “不间断挡板” 形状,最大限度地减少了中高频的衍射和恶化,有助于系统的远场性能。

GTO C-12箱体的垂直面比GTO小21.6%,整个箱体重量也大幅减少了30% - 除了一些巧妙的工程外,我们还使用特殊的铝合金用于集成吊挂硬件,有利于大幅度减轻重量。 这个独特的系统还在连接GTO C-12箱体之间的角度提供了十二种不同的调节设置,进一步增加了扬声器的实际灵活性和适应性。

其技术完全来源于大型的双15寸GTO,新品GTO C-12产生的输出功率只有GTO能超过。新箱体的容积与GTO系列中的其他模块完全相同,在吊装、吊挂硬件和推车方面与GTO、GTO-SUB、GTO-LOW和GTO-DF机械完全兼容。 GTO C-12与Outline (欧浪) DBS和LAB21超低音音箱完全兼容,我们还可以为GTO C-12和Outline (欧浪) 超低音音箱的任意组合提供适当的DSP控制器预设。

GTO C-12与我们其他的演出产品兼容,使它们可自由集成,以创建系统设计来应对任何应用。

The Outline GTO C-12 is a compact line-source enclosure designed to provide a flexible, powerful and almost infinitely configurable loudspeaker system for professional sound reinforcement applications. It has been developed in response to customer demand for a multi-purpose loudspeaker system that can be efficiently transported and deployed, but still produce the power, intelligibility and control necessary to handle a wide range of events and locations.

It is a direct descendent of the mighty GTO, a system which, since its launch in 2011, has wowed production managers and sound engineers all over the world with its combination of visceral power and precision coverage. GTO C-12 develops the high transducer density concept pioneered by GTO by packing eight drive units into a remarkably compact cabinet, containing two 12” low frequency drivers, four 6.5” midrange units and two 3”-throat compression drivers, mounted on the same award-winning DPRWG waveguide found in its big brother.

GTO C-12 retains a key element from GTO in the V-shaped front baffle for which we were awarded an international design patent in 2002, and to which we refer as the ‘V-Power Concept’. This ground-breaking idea facilitates superior acoustical coupling between high-frequency modules, thus producing a smooth yet extended HF response. It also creates the ideal ‘unbroken baffle’ shape through an array which minimises diffraction and deterioration, especially in the far field.

The C-12 cabinet is 21.6% smaller in the vertical plane than the GTO, while overall cabinet weight has been reduced by a remarkable 30% – in addition to some clever engineering, our use of a special aluminum alloy for the integral rigging hardware contributes to this major weight saving. This unique system also provides twelve different adjustment settings in the angle between connected GTO C-12 cabinets, adding further to the real-world flexibility and adaptability of the loudspeaker.

With its technology derived completely from the large format dual 15” GTO, the new GTO C-12 produces output power surpassed only by its ‘big brother’. The footprint of the new cabinet is exactly the same as all the other modules in the GTO range, allowing full mechanical compatibility with GTO, GTO-SUB, GTO-LOW and GTO-DF in terms of rigging, flying hardware and wheelboards. GTO C-12 is also fully compatible with the Outline DBS and LAB21 subwoofers, and we can supply suitable DSP controller presets for any combination of GTO C-12 and Outline subwoofers.

GTO C-12 shares a common voicing with our other concert-series products, allowing them to be freely integrated to create system designs to handle any application.




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